If you're serious about being green, home fire sprinklers are a must

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Jan 7, 2016


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Sorry Kermit, but it truly is easy being green. 


As green homes gain momentum, per a recent news article, so should the notion of installing home fire sprinklers. That's the stance taken in a story that appeared on Underscored in the article is the difference between old-fashioned lumber and newly engineered wood under fire. Builders are also embracing optimum value engineering, or advanced framing, which "meets structural requirements without wasting material," states the article. 

But this notion to create something more environmentally friendly comes with a price. "Less material means less extra stuff to hold it up when there is a fire," states the article. "It's one of the reasons that firefighters (and TreeHugger) have been suggesting that all houses should have sprinklers." 

As concerns mount over the safety of flame retardants used in home furniture, similar concerns should be addressed about the safety of building materials when exposed to fire. "If we really are serious about green building and safe building, then sprinklers should be part of the package," the article states.


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For more on the environmental benefits of fire sprinklers, download the report on this topic produced by FM Global and the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition and watch the following video:



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