With assistance from fire department, builder creates town's first sprinklered, single-family homes

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Jan 12, 2016


Advertised as "the perfect meld of easy, maintenance-free living ... with wonderful amenities," Tuscany Townhomes in Elko, Nevada, has something even more special in its homes: fire sprinklers.

A recent news report has labeled the new development as having "the first fire sprinklers within a single-family dwelling in Elko." And it appears the builder is joining the fire department in praising the devices. "This is our first venture with fire sprinklers [in the Elko area] so it was kind of a learning process, but I have to say it was fairly simple," Dusty Shipp, owner of Braemar Construction, told the Elko Daily Free Press. "They're not complicated at all as far as putting into a home."

Noting that fire sprinklers will be a mainstay in the building industry either by consumer choice or state requirements, Shipp added that his company received a break on insurance costs due to the installations. He even dismissed the popular myth that sprinklers cause more water damage than the actual fire. (Here's how to counter it.)

Also praising the new sprinklers was Josh Carson, Elko Fire Department's fire marshal. The devices added a necessary layer of fire protection since the development's narrow streets prevented fire trucks from easily accessing the property. Street width reduction is one of the many trade-ups builders experience when installing fire sprinklers.

"The inclusion of fire sprinklers in single-family dwellings is a reliable, life-safety and property-protection tool to combat and reduce the fire threat and the risk of mortality," said Carson.

6a00d8351b9f3453ef01bb08b686e0970d-120wi.jpgBelieve it or not, there are builders out there who have embraced home fire sprinklers. Get to know them by visiting NFPA's Fire Sprinkler Initiative site.