What would you pay for peace of mind in your new home?

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on Jan 19, 2016


NFPA's Matt Klaus reviews NFPA's sprinkler standard with an attendee at the International Builders' Show in Las Vegas.


I got a chance to walk around the enormous exhibit space at the International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas today, and I was floored by the array of new and innovate products that are on display. Lots of great ways to make your home more attractive, stylish, comfortable, secure, and safe.


From outdoor kitchens, spa bathrooms, rainwater harvesting systems, oodles of smart home technologies, to a $25,000 home elevator system, it seems the only limits are your imagination and your wallet.


And while it’s fun to dream about the fancy home upgrades, if I were building a new home today, there’s one very affordable feature that would help me sleep better at night, knowing that my family, our dog, our possessions, and our home would be protected in case of a fire.


Home fire sprinklers. At an average cost of $1.35 per square foot, installing sprinklers in a new 2,000 square foot home would cost about $2,700. What a great investment in safety! Consider this: if you have a fire in your home, the risk of dying decreases by about 80 percent when sprinklers are present.


So of all the choices homebuilders and buyers have to make when building a new home, installing fire sprinklers is an affordable way to ensure peace of mind.

Learn more by watching these short videos from the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition that provide easy-to-understand information about why fire sprinklers are needed, how they work and how they are installed.