How are you building on the conversation about home fire sprinklers in your community?

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on Jan 20, 2016


Tom Lia, executive director of the Northern Illinois Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board -- and member of the Illinois Fire Sprinkler Coalition, explains how home fire sprinklers are installed.


The Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition has exhibited at the International Builders’ Show for more than 15 years. And every year, there seems to be more interest and more understanding about the life-saving potential of sprinklers.


We chat with many builders, naturally, but also get to talk with real estate agents, developers, architects, and remodelers. And for the past few years, the show has co-located with KBIS, the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, so we’re also getting to meet interior designers, home design consultants, and other industry professionals.

With two states, the District of Columbia, and hundreds of cities and towns across the United States now requiring sprinklers in new homes, there’s no doubt there is increased awareness of the power of home fire sprinklers.


And I wonder if the proliferation of popular home design and improvement programs on HGTV and the DIY Network is also helping consumers better understand what’s behind the walls and above the ceilings in their homes.


We need to continue coming together on the issue of home fire sprinklers and help our audiences – the building industry, lawmakers, and homeowners and potential home buyers – understand that sprinklers are a simple, cost-effective way to add an enhanced level of safety to our homes.


Question: So whether it’s at a meeting of your sprinkler coalition, a side-by-side sprinkler demonstration, a town hall meeting, a fire department open house, or other opportunity to meet with your stakeholders, how are you helping to build on the growing understanding and acceptance of home fire sprinklers?