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Anyone doubting the long-term benefits of a fire sprinkler ordinance need only look to Scottsdale, Arizona.

Since it went into effect in 1986, the ordinance has had a hand in saving lives and property; the city's fire losses, for example, are a third less than the national average. As for the myth that "fire sprinkler requirements will place the fire service out of business," the number of Scottsdale's fire stations and firefighters has increased since the ordinance took effect 30 years ago.

In this new video by NFPA's Fire Sprinkler Initiative, Jim Ford, fire marshal for the Scottsdale Fire Department, discusses how his town's ordinance has significantly decreased the city's fire losses without diminishing the necessity of the fire service. (Read this report from the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition showcasing other benefits of this ordinance.) He also gives advice to other safety advocates looking to mirror Scottsdale's success.

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