Rarely getting the media's attention, fire sprinkler activations extinguish series of recent home fires

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Apr 12, 2016

It's no surprise that news outlets are drawn to fire's destructiveness; the drama, eye-catching images, and heroic rescues make for good TV and page-turning journalism. Just as captivating but seldom getting the credit they deserve are home fire sprinklers. In some cases, reporters will focus on the minimal water damage from a fire sprinkler activation without mentioning lives and property saved.


Giving a well-deserved tip of a hat to these devices, we offer you a series of recent activations brought to the attention of the Fire Sprinkler Initiative. Kudos to these media outlets for sharing these sprinkler successes with the public:




Vancouver, British Columbia
An unattended candle left near a bed was the culprit of a fire originating on the third floor of a residence. Fire sprinklers controlled the fire to that floor, and firefighters finished the job in about 20 minutes. There were no injuries. "This was definitely a preventable fire," Vancouver Fire Marshal Heidi Scarpelli told

The Columbian.

It was fortunate that the residence had sprinklers that were completely operational and functional the way it was designed.




Roseburg, Oregon
A wheelchair-bound resident tossed a lit cigarette into a paper-filled trashcan, creating a fire that climbed to the home's ceiling. Within three minutes, the sprinklers activated and extinguished the fire. The resident was treated and released for smoke inhalation.Fire Marshal Monte Bryan with the Roseburg Fire Department told

News Radio KQEN 1240

that this was the second residential fire in recent weeks that was extinguished by sprinklers.



Westport, Connecticut

Firefighters responded to reports of a fire inside a residence where all occupants had evacuated. When firefighters made entry, they noticed a sprinkler in the kitchen had contained and extinguished a blaze, according to a recent

news story.


Come across a sprinkler save highlighted by your local media or fire department? Let us know. Send all stories to us, and we'll highlight it in future blog posts.