Commentary: Fire sprinklers not just for commercial buildings or large apartments

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Jun 9, 2016

Oregon Fire Sprinkler Coalition.jpgAfter attending a meeting by the Oregon Fire Sprinkler Coalition, one fire official better understands the benefits of fire sprinklers in an array of settings, particularly new homes.

"Perhaps you've only considered fire sprinklers [to] be a part of commercial buildings or large apartments," Margueritte Hickman with Oregon's Ashland Fire & Rescue wrote in a commentary that appeared in the Ashland Daily Tidings. "A simpler and less expensive system can be installed in any home."


In her commentary, Hickman discusses the aesthetics, environmental benefits, and cost of sprinkler installation. "I can hear what you're thinking--they're expensive, they call go off at once, they're ugly. Actually, these are all myths. Let's dispel these myths."


Hickman adds that while many employees benefit from sprinkler protection at work, the same level of protection should occur at home, the place they spend most of their time. "I can guarantee that no one goes to work thinking, 'I'm going to have an accidental house fire today.' Wouldn't it be worth piece of mind to know that your family is safe by having home fire sprinklers?"


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