Fire department and homebuilder construct "training home" equipped with fire sprinklers

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In less than six hours, Barrie Fire and Emergency Services and other key players in Ontario built a new home--only to intentionally set it on fire.


The new structure, built with support from the Simcoe County Home Builders' Association and aid from the local Habitat for Humanity, serves as a "training home" used by local firefighters. According to an online story of the build, "the house represents the typical type of structure firefighters will encounter...[and adds] to the realism of fighting fires in a training environment." Firefighters will be able to practice survival training, radio communications, and coordinated fire attacks in the home. The structure also has a sliding, interior wall used to modify the home's layout, states the story.

Another component of the training home is fire sprinklers. Firefighters will witness firsthand how sprinklers aid their job by keeping fires under control or (in many cases) extinguishing fires before their arrival. The sprinklers inside the home may also serve as a public education endeavor by local fire departments.


"[Sprinklers] are good education for our staff, on how they're used and how they can control a fire," Tony Weir, chief training officer for Barrie Fire and Emergency Service, told NFPA. "Second, I thought this would be a good tool for our fire prevention staff. They can see a sprinkler in use, they can create some public service announcements on sprinklers in the home. And it’s a training tool we can use for pump operators...and incident command training."


Check out the photos from the event (used with permission by Barrie Fire and Emergency Services):




Sparky joined a team of volunteers that aided the construction of the new fire training home



A necessity in all new homes, fire sprinklers were proudly displayed


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