In under two minutes, fire creates irreversible damage in mock home

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Aug 9, 2016

Live burn demo 2016 East Long Meadow.jpg

In a mere 78 seconds, fire had its way with a mock living room. The aftermath resembled a scene from a disaster flick: an upholstered chair singed beyond recognition and emitting white smoke, a brown couch colored black from fire, drywall now resembling Swiss cheese from all of the holes. The firefighters' rapid response wasn't fast enough to salvage the room's contents. It's evident that nothing living would have survived the fire, either.

A few steps from the ruin, fire sprinklers activated inside a similar structure in 13 seconds. Though wet, the furniture was still intact.

Displaying the solution to the deadly realities of today's home fires was the East Longmeadow Fire Department in Massachusetts. This fire sprinkler demonstration attracted a large crowd and the local media, which highlighted sprinkler water use and Sprinkler Activation 101.

If intrigued by this event, learn how easy it is to create this demo in your region:



Live burn demo 2016 East Long Meadow3.jpg

The aftermath of the mock room without fire sprinklers

Live burn demo 2016 East Long Meadow4.jpg

A sizzling sofa after the fire

Live burn demo 2016 East Long Meadow5.jpg

Small but powerful: a fire sprinkler on display at the demo