LifeLock commercial makes humorous analogy between smoke alarms and home fire sprinklers

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Aug 26, 2016

While deeply passionate about a serious cause, our fire sprinkler advocates also have a hearty sense of humor.


Get a chuckle from this 15-second commercial from LifeLock, an identity theft protection company:



"Why monitor a problem if you don't fix it?" states the voiceover in the commercial. The point LifeLock is humorously trying to make is that the company does more than "monitor" activity involving your personal information--it offers a solution if your information is compromised.


"I saw this commercial and couldn't stop laughing," says Azarang "Ozzie" Mirkhah, a fire protection engineer who recently shared his thoughts with NFPA. "This commercial hits the spot, and as an analogy could explain the difference between mere notification and actual, lifesaving suppression."


He compares the "security monitor" in the commercial to smoke alarms, and the actions by LifeLock to home fire sprinklers. Smoke alarms merely alert you to a problem, while fire sprinklers act quickly to extinguish the problem. "I am not saying smoke alarms aren't important," Mirkhah tells NFPA. "They are. There is an absolute need for them, and we should continue our national efforts. But...we need fire sprinklers in all new homes. When I'm 85 and living at home, and I can't get out quickly on my own to preserve myself in a home fire, all that the smoke alarms could do would be to only notify me of the fire condition, like the security monitor in the commercial. To survive, I would need to have fire sprinklers in my home to put out the fire and save my life."


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