Angie's List pitches for fire sprinklers following its investigation on home fires

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Oct 24, 2016

With a tagline of "home is where our heart is," Angie's List takes home safety seriously.


The company, which runs a website offering crowd-sourced reviews of local businesses, has conducted its own investigation into what is making today's home fires so catastrophic. Ken Willette, a segment director for NFPA and 35-year veteran firefighter, said in a story written for the company that research comparing home fires then versus now mirrors what he has seen in the field. During his firefighter training, firefighters expected a room to hit the point of flashover after about 10 minutes of heavy fire development. “All of our expectations have changed in terms of the volume of fire that firefighters can expect on arrival and how quickly a building will fail,” Willette told Angie's List. “That 10 minutes has become three minutes."


Also interviewed for the story was Jeff Hudson, one of NFPA's regional fire sprinkler specialists highlighted in NFPA's Faces of Fire Campaign. While fire chief for the Shawnee, Kansas, Fire Department, he lost fellow firefighter and friend John Glaser, 33, during a home fire response. "He was working in very dangerous conditions," said Hudson. "Had there been home fire sprinklers in that house, we probably would have ended up with a few firefighters just cleaning up water waste and [would have returned] safe at home with their families that night." Hudson recently moved into a new home fully equipped with fire sprinklers.


Angie's List suggests installing fire sprinklers can be one of the best ways to protect residents from fire. 


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