BREAKING: Home fire sprinkler requirement to remain in 2018 edition of model building code

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Dec 7, 2016

A proposal to remove a code requirement to sprinkler all new homes has been defeated. 


As we had reported on this blog, International Code Council (ICC) voting members were tasked with casting a vote supporting or opposing the proposal, which would have eliminated the requirement to sprinkler new, one- and two-family homes. The requirement has been in every edition of ICC's International Residential Code (IRC) since 2009. 


ICC's preliminary online voting results show that the proposal, RB 129-16, has been "disapproved" by voting members. Therefore, the requirement to install sprinklers in newly constructed homes will remain in the 2018 edition of the IRC. 


NFPA's Fire Sprinkler Initiative team would like to thank sprinkler advocates nationwide for raising awareness about this crucial vote, and to the ICC members who helped keep this requirement intact. 


Now is the time to let your state code-making bodies and legislators know that this important requirement has now made it into four editions of the IRC. Please tell them that building homes without adhering to this requirement is building substandard housing. If fire sprinklers are an important enough requirement listed in all U.S. model building codes., why isn't this technology important enough to make it into all of our new homes? Use our advocacy materials to help bolster your message.