Watch the results of a Christmas tree fire in two homes, one with fire sprinklers and one without

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Dec 22, 2016

During a news conference this week, fire sprinkler advocates in New Jersey demonstrated how quickly an unkempt Christmas tree can go up in flames. While underscoring holiday safety tips, they also highlighted how home fire sprinklers can extinguish the flames or help keep them tenable until the fire department arrives.


New Jersey Assemblyman John Wisniewski, a longtime supporter of fire sprinklers, joined members of the New Jersey Fire Sprinkler Coalition during the demonstration. "The holiday season should be a time of joy," Wisniewski said at the event. "But each year, fires caused by Christmas trees or holiday decorations bring tragedy to families all across our country."


According to NFPA, one quarter of all Christmas tree fires are caused by electrical problems. One in every four tree fires is also caused by the tree being too close to a heat source. Follow these safety tips to keep your home fire-free this year, and watch this video from the demonstration of a Christmas tree on fire in a mock home with and without fire sprinklers. The results are night and day.