Legislators address home fire problem by introducing bill to fire sprinkler new homes

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Jan 30, 2017

Following a deadly start to 2017, two elected officials have taken action to reduce the tragedies triggered by home fires. 


Massachusetts State Representative Ruth Balser, a longtime fire sprinkler advocate, and Senator Ken Donnelly recently introduced a bill that would give local towns the option to fire sprinkler its new, one- and two-family homes. The Massachusetts Fire Sprinkler Coalition supports the bill. 


The bill follows the deaths of at least four people from Massachusetts who have died from residential fires in January alone, according to a news story on More than 50 people died from fire in the state last year. Half that number, according to State Fire Marshal Peter Ostroskey is "far too many," states the story.


"We can drive the number of fire deaths even lower by building more homes with fire sprinklers which give everyone--children, seniors, and adults--more time to escape to safety," Ostroskey says in the article. "Home fire sprinklers...will yield dramatic results over time, eventually changing the future of fire, just as smoke alarms did in our lifetime."


Living in Massachusetts, or know people that do? Take action today. Please contact or have them contact their Massachusetts representatives and senators and ask them to co-sign the bill. Reference "House Docket # 2141: Residential Sprinklers-Local Option: An Act Relative to Enhanced Fire Protection in One- and Two-Family Dwellings." Please use this database to find the email and phone numbers of your elected officials.