Losing home to fire, Hawaiian fire captain champions for fire sprinkler laws

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Feb 3, 2017


"I lost everything [in a home fire]," retired fire captain Richard Soo recently told a Hawaiian ABC affiliate. "I lost my retirement badges. My helmet. All my momentos and my children's pictures and photographs, everything was gone."


Having rebuilt his home with fire sprinklers, Soo is also advocating for this technology in his state's new homes. "Certain communities [across the country] are required by law to have fire sprinklers. I would like to see this community have a requirement for sprinklers in residential units."


Soo isn't alone. Other Hawaiian fire safety advocates are ramping up efforts in support of sprinkler requirements. The Aloha State currently prohibits local jurisdictions from adopting sprinkler ordinances. This legislation sunsets this year, but a new bill has been introduced that would make the prohibition permanent. (The bill also states it would require sprinklers for new homes requiring a variance from access road or firefighting water supply requirements.) Another bill would require contractors to inform buyers of fire sprinklers while providing cost estimates and benefits of the technology. Delaware passed a similar law in 2015. We will keep you posted on how these bills progress.


Want more information on introducing fire sprinkler bills or supporting existing ones in your state? Contact NFPA's Fire Sprinkler Initiative team.