Firefighting academy graduates hear compelling survival story from one of NFPA's Faces of Fire

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Feb 13, 2017

Fire Lieutenant Paul Machado was the guest speaker at the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy's recent graduation ceremony. Thirty-five graduates at the celebration in Stow, Massachusetts, heard his story about attempting to save a woman he thought was inside a burning home. The fire nearly trapped him inside the structure, forcing him to leap from a window. He sustained burns on both arms, hands, ears, elbows, and shoulders. Home fire sprinklers, he says, would have drastically altered the outcome. 


As one of NFPA's Faces of Fire, Machado has made a point to promote fire sprinklers as a firefighter safety issue. He tied his comments at the graduation ceremony to the importance of training, according to a recent news story about the event.  


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