Toddler death prompts safety advocates to underscore home fire sprinklers

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Mar 31, 2017

Even though Maryland has a statewide requirement for home fire sprinklers, safety advocates there understand the need to keep this technology in the limelight. 


Last month, a toddler died from a fire in an unsprinklered home in Taneytown, Maryland. News reports state that the fire originated in the attic, where another toddler was able to escape. "This is a classic example of had this been a home with fire sprinklers, this would be a non-event, because the sprinklers would have activated at the early onset of the fire and would have saved that child's life," Deputy State Fire Marshal Bruce Bouch told an ABC affiliate.


Despite the proven, life-saving capability of fire sprinklers, this technology was challenged last year in Maryland, when legislation was introduced to weaken the requirement. Keeping sprinklers (literally) in front of the media via a series of live burn/sprinkler demonstrations, statements similar to Bouch's to reporters, and public events helped kill the bill. Advocacy is proven to be just as effective in convincing decision makers to pass fire sprinkler requirements. 


Learn more about Maryland's advocacy tactics, and see what you can mimic in your region.