Editorial: Argument against home fire sprinklers is a flimsy one

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Apr 12, 2017

Following a story appearing in the Kansas City Star underscoring the deadly effects of banning home fire sprinkler requirements, the paper's editorial board has offered pointed remarks in support of this technology.


"There should be no debate," states the board's op-ed. "If sprinklers were installed as a part of new home construction — as standard as doorbells and kitchen sinks — lives would be saved."


Arguments against these requirements, mainly from the homebuilding industry, point to overexaggerated installation costs. True cost estimates, states the op-ed, would make it unlikely for someone to be priced out of a home. As for the argument against the necessity of additional governmental regulations, the board poses this question: "Are we really going to quibble about a relatively simple design that is guaranteed to save lives?"


Missouri and Kansas, states in the publication's coverage area, have laws prohibiting cities from enacting their own sprinkler regulations, which "says more about the power of lobbyists than common sense." Read the complete op-ed by the editorial board. 


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