Unhappy with home fire problem, Canadian mayor advocates for increased use of home fire sprinklers

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Apr 18, 2017

A behind-the-scenes look at a home fire sprinkler. Photo: Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition


Canada's King Township is considered one of the country's "fastest growing municipalities." With this development boom has come increased concerns for fire from the township's mayor, Steve Pellegrini. 


"Home fire sprinkler technology has been available for a long time," he told a local news outlet. "We require it elsewhere but not in our houses, which I think is wrong."


Pellegrini would like local homebuilders to make a bigger push for this technology. Along with ceramic flooring and other amenities, this group, he says, should promote sprinklers as a necessary addition with life-saving capabilities. Responding to Pelligrini's push, the Ontario Association of Home Builders told the news outlet that residents "balk" at "long-term maintenance responsibilities" of fire sprinklers. 

In actuality, home fire sprinklers require very little maintenance and aren't required to have annual inspections by an outside professional. Here are some helpful tips from the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition:


  • Fire sprinklers require almost no maintenance and only work when you need them
  • Do a simple flow test about twice a year
  • Occasionally do a visual inspection of the controls and sprinklers
  • Use a padlock to keep the water valve in the "on" position
  • Teach your children they are not toys and should not be played with
  • NEVER hang anything on the sprinklers, even temporarily
  • Do not paint the sprinklers. And if you hire painters, make sure they know not to paint them
  • Don’t block the sprinklers with furniture or fabrics. If the spray is blocked the sprinkler cannot put out a fire
  • Most important, don't worry. Sprinklers are not complicated