A recent fire "sprinkler save" reinforces advocates' new push for fire sprinkler requirements

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on May 18, 2017

Soon after Pennsylvania passed a requirement for home fire sprinklers, legislative action (initiated by sprinkler opponents) took it off the books. Now, safety advocates there are once again pushing for sprinkler requirements in new homes following a fire sprinkler activation. 


A recent home fire in Harrisburg resulted in no loss of life and injury as well as minimal damage since the residence was sprinklered. Had the home lacked this technology, fire officials estimate the damage could have been up to $50,000 or have resulted in death or injury. "We don't care who makes the money, if it's a builder or sprinkler contractor," Harrisburg Bureau of Fire Chief Brian Enterline said of fire sprinkler installations to a local Fox affiliate. "What we know is one sprinkler head is going to save a life and I don't know what price you put on that."


According to the story, Enterline and other advocates in Pennsylvania are once again promoting these and other sprinkler saves in an effort to reignite a push for state requirements for home fire sprinklers. The reason for these requirements, they say, is simple. "[The water from a fire sprinkler] is far, far better than having your entire home consumed [by fire] and your family taken away," Enterline told Fox. 


Visit the Pennsylvania Fire Sprinkler Coalition page for other ways state advocates are promoting this technology.