Hollywood: Blockbuster maker, fire sprinkler myth perpetuator

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on May 30, 2017

Attention film lovers: tired of Hollywood misrepresenting fire sprinklers? Do you get irate when a character willingly sets off a fire alarm, only to activate every fire sprinkler in the process? (I'm looking at you, Tim Meadows.


Our friends at the American Fire Sprinkler Association (AFSA) are taking action to set the record straight on sprinklers. In a recent article that appeared in their member magazine, Sprinkler Age, AFSA highlights a handful of movies that perpetuate the popular myth that if one fire sprinkler activates, they all activate. The article also points to the website Films on Fire that has compiled an impressive list of fire sprinkler activations in movies that wouldn't occur in the real world. 


AFSA is also alerting Hollywood to these inaccuracies. "For every Hollywood inconsistency that [AFSA] is made aware of, it will draft a letter to the studio that produced the film, explaining what was done incorrectly and asking them to be more diligent in the future," states the recent article. "The letters include detailed descriptions of the scenes in which sprinklers are misrepresented, as well as clear explanations of what was wrong with the scene, and why it matters. Often the letters will include the phone number of the studio head's local fire official, encouraging them to contact that person and further educate themselves."


Have you seen a recent Hollywood sprinkler activation that didn't make sense? Let AFSA know. And let us know the movie by responding directly to this blog post!