Developer uses "trade ups" to fire sprinkler his new homes

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Jun 9, 2017

A new residential subdivision will likely include home fire sprinklers following a pitch by a code official. 


In order to forego an extremely wide boulevard entrance for the new development that's meant to accommodate emergency vehicles, a town director of building and codes convinced the developer, Pete Belmonte, to fire sprinkler the homes. "The fire sprinklers give better protection than a wider road," Town Director Steve Myers told "It's really a minor cost to building a house, and [the developer] will get a good price on the sprinklers and the labor with all the volume."


Noting that fire sprinklers will lead to a "better project," Belmonte added that reducing the development's black top would make it more environmentally sensitive. "What we save on asphalt will just go into the sprinklers."


A big tip of the hat to this developer for embracing life safety in his new homes and business-booming trade-ups.


Is there a new development under construction in your town? Please make sure you alert the developer or homebuilder that they can benefit from a series of trade-ups if they install home fire sprinklers.