Safety advocates in British Columbia launch Canada's first fire sprinkler coalition

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Jun 15, 2017

Showcasing North America's growing support for home fire sprinklers, the province of British Columbia initiated Canada's first fire sprinkler coalition this month. 


NFPA's Fire Sprinkler Initiative has updated its sprinkler coalition map to include the country of Canada, the new coalition (which advocates are calling the British Columbia Fire Sprinkler Initiative), and the 30, state-based coalitions. Prior to the official launch of the coalition, Canadians have voice their support for sprinklers in unique ways. For instance: 


  • The Co-Operators, a Canadian insurance company that vocally supports home fire sprinklers, has partnered with NFPA to produce this stellar video on this technology: 
  • A new study by Canadian researchers determined that home fires have cost the Canadian economy $7.6 billion


Visit the new British Columbia Fire Sprinkler Initiative page for more information on Canada's efforts to promote home fire sprinklers.