State fire prevention campaign includes home fire sprinklers

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Jul 12, 2017

A state campaign aimed at slashing fire deaths and injuries places home fire sprinklers in the limelight.


Underscored in a recent news story by the Franklin County Times, the Turn Your Attention to Fire Prevention campaign was launched in Alabama to promote methods residents can take to prevent fires and avoid injuries. One of these methods is the installation of home fire sprinklers. The campaign's site includes a downloadable "neighborhood assist toolkit" featuring NFPA's fact sheet on this technology, including the following tidbits: 


  • Fire departments typically use roughly 10 times as much water as a fire sprinkler would use to contain a fire
  • Fire sprinklers are environmentally friendly. They can reduce the amount of water run-off and pollution, fire damage by up to 71 percent, and water usage to fight a home fire by as much as 91 percent 
  • Cigar smoke or burnt toast will not activate a fire sprinkler. Only the high temperature of a fire will activate the sprinkler


If home fire sprinklers aren't currently a component of your fire prevention endeavors, get started by downloading the Fire Sprinkler Initiative's new advocacy toolkit.