Home fire sprinklers don't "make sense" to homebuilder, but fire chief has differing opinion

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Jul 14, 2017

Close to 40 people have already died from home fires in North Carolina this year. Plagued every year by the same types of preventable deaths, a fire official is flabbergasted by the real reason they continue in his state. "It all comes back to cost," Fire Chief Jeff Cash with the Cherryville Fire Department in North Carolina recently told WSOC-TV.


He's referring to installation costs for home fire sprinklers--estimates that research confirm are cost-effective, but tend to be inflated by fire sprinkler opponents. "I think the cost association with protection that's going to be in place just doesn't make sense to me," homebuilder Mike Carpinelli told the news station. 


Despite the North Carolina Building Code Council opting to not adopt the building code requirement for fire sprinklers, Cash and others are trying again to require this technology in new homes. "I understand the economic side of it, but what cost do you put on human life?" Cash told the reporter. 


One bright spot in North Carolina: in an effort to cut the cost of home fire sprinkler installations, the Alamance County Inspections Department in North Carolina is now offering a discount. Get some additional inspiration by checking out the advocacy efforts by the North Carolina Fire Sprinkler Coalition.