Report: Home fire sprinkler sales "poised for growth"

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Jul 31, 2017

Residential fire sprinklers have been receiving some positive press in recent weeks. In response to the Grenfell Tower Fire in London that killed 80 people, Florida Governor Rick Scott vetoed anti-sprinkler legislation that would have again delayed installing fire sprinklers in certain residences. A North Carolina town has begun offering discounts for fire sprinkler installations. Alabama Governor recently signed into law a bill giving local plumbers the ability to conduct installs.


These and other pro-sprinkler actions across North America showcase increased awareness and acceptance of this technology, according to an article by Plastic News. The report forecasts that "the worldwide sales of fire safety systems...will grow at or near double-digit rates in the next five years." As for home fire sprinklers, model building code requirements for installations have helped drive up sales in areas that have adopted this requirement on a local or state level. The article also underscores the current state of home fire sprinkler requirements in America.


While some builders promote home fire sprinklers similarly to other home upgrades like granite countertops, others are offering installations voluntarily. "[Homebuilders offering fire sprinklers] are few and far between, but I'm making headway in my area," Tracy Moore, a fire sprinkler contractor and member of the Washington Fire Sprinkler Coalition, told the publication. "Some will do it carte blanche because they think it's a benefit to the homeowners, and there are statistics that say 78 percent of homeowners now agree they are a benefit. A few years ago, that [percentage] was really low."