Editorial: When you stall on adopting measures for safer residences, you're playing with fire

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Aug 3, 2017

A recent editorial appearing on eloquently captures the frustration felt by many of our safety advocates. The editorial is in response to state legislators stalling on fire code reform following the massive Edgewater apartment fire in 2015, which led to more than 500 residents losing their homes and another 500 being temporarily displaced. While the editorial underscores sprinkler requirements for large buildings, the same arguments could be applied to the failure of adopting fire sprinkler laws for one- and two-family homes. 


"Residents have a right to better protection," states the editorial. "They need to have peace of mind that structures...will withstand, or at least slow down, slow-raging fires." 


Another concern underscored in the editorial is the slow vetting process of the bills aimed at bolstering fire safety. "While legislators do their vetting, let us hope no New Jerseyans lose their lives or their valued possessions, or the places they call home, in the meantime."


You don't have to be a member of an editorial board to have your voice heard. Create your own letter to the editor that underscores your displeasure for laws that prohibit home fire sprinklers or delays in getting them off the ground. Here's how to make a convincing case for home fire sprinklers that you can use in your write-up.