Two fires in the same town have vastly different outcomes thanks to fire sprinklers

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Aug 11, 2017

Our friends at the Blue Mountains Fire & Rescue in Ontario sent us a comparison of two fires in their community and the astounding results of each. 


A cigarette that accidentally dropped onto bedding inside a residence ignited one of the fires. The elderly resident attempted to extinguish the fire with a pail of water. When that didn't work, he fled to his balcony and called 911. Firefighters arrived in minutes, but fire suppression was delayed since rescue operations were performed first. The fire destroyed the residence, resulting in thousands of dollars in damage. The aftermath is documented in the above photo. 


A more recent fire was the result of a damaged chord on an oscillating fan. Since the structure was in a rural setting, the fire department's response time was considerably longer. However, the fire activated the fire sprinklers, which extinguished the fire. Damage was estimated to be $1,000. "Had this structure not been monitored and would have surely been a total loss," stated Duncan Rydall, chief fire prevention officer with Blue Mountains Fire & Rescue, in an email to NFPA. "The automatic sprinklers truly saved this building."


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