Fire marshal, once again, praises fire sprinklers, calling them "firefighters up in the ceiling"

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Aug 17, 2017

We recently highlighted this video produced by the Texas State Fire Marshal's Office featuring State Fire Marshal Chris Connealy encouraging fire sprinklers in new dwellings. He has once again alerted the media to his state's home fire problem (165 Texans, on average, die each year) and his opinions on fire sprinklers. 



"The thing about sprinklers, it's like having a firefighter up in the ceiling ready to provide water to extinguish the fire," Connealy, a member of the Texas Fire Sprinkler Coalition, recently told a San Antonio news station. 


The news story also covered a fire demonstration inside a baby's nursery, one with sprinklers and one without. In the unsprinklered room, temperatures reached 1,400 degrees in under four minutes of the fire. As these types of fires--and the accompanying deaths and injuries--continue to occur across North America. Connealy reminded the media that many of these losses are "preventable."


"Fire sprinklers work," he told the news outlet. "They have a long history, and they are consistent."


Follow Fire Marshal Connealy's lead and keep fire sprinklers on the media's radar. Research reporters in your area who have covered stories on home fires or home fire safety and pitch them a story on fire sprinklers. Use the information in our fact sheets and research reports to aid your pitch.