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Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Sep 11, 2017

Solving the Home Fire Problem: Five Steps to Better Advocate for Home Fire Sprinklers

Thursday, September 21, 12:30-1:30 pm ET

Every year, the majority of North America's fire deaths happen at home. The solution to this problem - the home fire sprinkler - exists. However, many states face intense opposition for fire sprinklers, despite this technology being a model building code requirement. As a fire sprinkler advocate, you can be a powerful voice for this life-saving technology. This webinar will demonstrate (in five easy steps) how attendees can participate in a growing grassroots movement across North America in support of this technology. By better understanding the power of advocacy and linking up with like-minded advocates in their region, attendees can better promote fire sprinklers, counter sprinkler opponents, and underscore a technology designed to save lives. 


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