One week, two potential tragedies averted at home thanks to fire sprinklers

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Sep 22, 2017

Residential fire sprinklers have been spotlighted twice in a week's span, thanks to two news outlets promoting two activations on opposite sides of the U.S. 


The first occurred on September 19 in Abingdon, Maryland. According to a news report by The Baltimore Sun, a grandmother who shared the home with three other family members was home alone when she began hearing strange sounds. Upon investigating the noise, she discovered smoke coming from the second floor. A fire had originated in a bedroom, and fire sprinklers contained the fire to that room. 


"Deputy state fire marshals credit the fire sprinkler for containing the fire and allowing [the resident] to safely escape," states the story. "Fire sprinklers also help firefighters by containing the fire to the area of origin, reducing the chance of injuries and/or death."


Two days later, another residential fire occurred, this time in Portland, Oregon. By the time Portland Fire and Rescue arrived at the scene, they discovered that the residence's fire sprinklers had extinguished the fire. Thanks to the fire sprinklers, there was minimal damage, mainly to the fire's room of origin, stated KATU.


Many thanks to the fire service officials who alerted the media to these activations, and for these news outlets for sharing it with the public. If a fire sprinkler activates in your area, please alert the media.