Hosting public education events during Fire Prevention Week? Use these free resources promoting home fire sprinklers

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Oct 9, 2017

During Fire Prevention Week (FPW), the Downers Grove Fire Department is hosting a "night at the firehouse" to underscore the necessity of home fire sprinklers. Via a live burn/fire sprinkler demonstration and thermal imaging equipment, the public will see firsthand how hot fire can get inside a home. 


If you're planning your own event around FPW, make sure you have giveaways or visuals on hand. Giving attendees something to take home or capture with their smartphone will ensure they have literature to review or share with additional people after your event. Some ideas:



If you're hosting an event and featuring fire sprinklers, let us know. Email the Fire Sprinkler Initiative team, and we'll share your efforts with our national audience!