Homeowners work with builder to equip new home with fire sprinklers

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Oct 18, 2017

It's not everyday you hear about a homebuilder having positive things to say about home fire sprinklers. However, that's exactly what happened following an installation in Boxford, Massachusetts. 


An article appearing in Sprinkler Age, the magazine for the American Fire Sprinkler Association, highlights a couple who wanted to create a home that was as fire-safe as possible. All homes, according to the article, have their own well, since there is no town water supply. That's why the home is equipped with a tank-and-pump system. "The homeowners and I discussed installing fire sprinklers right out of the gate," Steve Howell with Howell Custom Builders told the magazine. He adds that the home's quarter-mile-long driveway with a 120-foot rise would have been challenging for the fire service to access in the event of a fire. 


Boxford's Fire Chief Brian Geiger says his department always emphasizes fire prevention and role fire sprinklers play in reducing fire risks. "We spend a lot of time in homes making sure everything is to code, especially these systems," Geiger told the magazine. "We know that fire sprinklers give a homeowner the extra time needed to get out of a burning home, and that saves lives. In a town with no town water, no hydrants, and a call fire department, this team approach to fire safety is very important."


Read the full article appearing in Sprinkler Age (starting on page 55).