Fire inspector counters the many myths on home fire sprinklers

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Oct 31, 2017

Speaking out in support of home fire sprinklers is an effective way of getting the public's attention on a technology that might be foreign to them. Doing just that is Brian Bechtel, chief inspector with the Crawfordsville, Indiana, Fire Department. He recently wrote a piece for The Paper, a local publication, that underscores a plethora of myths on fire sprinklers. His opinion piece includes the following facts:


  • representatives from the National Association of Home Builders, he states, argue fire sprinkler requirements drive up housing costs and price people out of new homes. Bechtel sites research from NFPA and others stating there have been no negative impacts on development in towns that have embraced sprinkler requirements 
  • modern fire sprinklers are inconspicuous and not eyesores 
  • fire sprinklers are suitable for homes in both rural and urban settings; water for sprinklers can come from a home's domestic water supply or a tank-and-pump system


"I do believe that it has been proven over and over again that air bags combined with seatbelts have saved numerous lives and prevented unnecessary trauma to people," Bechtel states in his piece. "I think sprinklers could help just the same in our homes.


"If a simple thing like a few well-placed sprinkler heads in a home could prevent a tragedy, why wouldn't it be worth looking into?"


Educate yourself on all of the myths and facts on home fire sprinklers.