One fire district, two fire sprinkler saves over a three-month period

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Nov 6, 2017

A single residential fire sprinkler had extinguished a fire on a desk located in a second-floor home office.


The communications team at the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition alerted us to two likely tragedies averted thanks to fire sprinkler activations in the same fire district. 


According to a story on HFSC's blog, the Novato Fire District now has thousands of sprinklered homes following the district--and the state of California--embracing requirements to sprinkler new homes. (Information on California's requirement can be found on NFPA's Fire Sprinkler Initiative site.) Earlier this year, sprinklers activated in two of Novato's homes. One of the fires occurred in a home's garage, where workers were conducting renovations. A result of spontaneous combustion from contaminated rags, the fire was quickly extinguished by a single sprinkler. 


"[The general contactor] was so relieved, he actually gave the sprinkler contractor a big bear hug when he came to replace the head, thanking him and acknowledging that the sprinklers saved the house,” Fire Marshal and Battalion Chief Bill Tyler with Novato Fire District told HFSC. 


The second activation occurred following a fire on a desk inside another home. In both incidents, there was no structural damage. It was estimated that the sprinklers "saved more than $2 million in damage," reported HFSC.


These stories might not make the news like home fires do, but they need to be heard. If you need help perfecting your pitch for home fire sprinklers, please use the array of resources produced by HFSC. As always, these resources are 100 percent free.