Fire sprinkler advocates give lesson on home fire sprinklers to future builders

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Nov 10, 2017

Students in New York not only got to witness the incredible impact of home fire sprinklers--they helped build its power. 


High schoolers from Troy and Rochester, New York, with an interest in construction built from scratch two pods simulating living rooms. One unit included a home fire sprinkler, the other didn't. According to a recent article on the construction, "the participating students gained practical construction experience in building the structure. More importantly, they also learned about fire codes and fire safety, the importance of home fire sprinklers, and how a sprinkler system is installed and operates."


NFPA, FEMA, and others supplied funding for the demonstrations, which were spearheaded by the New York State Association of Fire Chiefs, a member of the New York Fire Sprinkler Initiative. The demonstrations received stellar coverage from a number of local news outlets. One student told a reporter that the effect fire had in the nonsprinklered unit made him realize the necessity of fire sprinklers in homes. 


Curious to see one of these live burn/fire sprinkler demos? Check out the following video of one initiated by the Maine Fire Sprinkler Coalition