Special report on home fires includes NFPA safety advocates and important message on home fire sprinklers

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Nov 30, 2017

Injured in a home fire when he was only two years old, Phil Tammaro first shared his story of his home fire injuries with NFPA back in 2015. His story recently grabbed the attention of the media, as Tammaro, now a Massachusetts firefighter, was interviewed by an NBC affiliate in Boston about the fire.


Jo Brinkley-Chaudoir was also featured in the special report. She sustained injuries and lost her partner when the two of them responded to a home fire in 2006. Both Tammaro and Brinkley-Chaudoir are featured in NFPA's Faces of Fire Campaign.


Their stories underscore fire's longstanding effects. The special report by NBC Boston also illuminates the fire dangers lurking inside today's homes. It discusses simple steps to stay safe--clean your dryer vents and unplug phone chargers, for instance--while underscoring the fire concerns of modern homes. Citing NFPA research, the story notes that between 2010-2014, furniture made with synthetic (and highly flammable) materials led to more than 400 deaths each year and resulted in close to $270 million in property damage. 


Also discussed was home fire sprinklers: its myths and effectiveness in complementing the role of smoke alarms. Watch the special report today.