From soup to nuts, students create fiery demonstration involving home fire sprinklers

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Dec 11, 2017

Our friends at the Seneca College of Applied Arts & Technology in Toronto sent us the following video featuring a demonstration including one of our favorite inventions: the home fire sprinkler. 


Students at Seneca's School of Fire Protection with varied interests in fire protection and safety participated in the demonstration. Fire protection students, for instance, helped build the identical structures, one equipped with fire sprinklers, the other without. Fire protection engineering tech students participated in public education efforts tied to the event that included resources from the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition. Students with an interest in firefighting helped suppress the flames in the unsprinklered structure. These events are prime examples of the fire concerns of today's homes.  


"Students quickly see how what they are learning in the classrooms and labs can be directly applied to saving lives," Scott Pugsley, industry coordinator and professor at Seneca's School of Fire Protection, tells NFPA. "Staff and guests are always taken aback by the speed at which the fire grows and how vulnerable [fire] can be in under three minutes."


Watch and share this important demonstration: