Following statewide ban on fire sprinkler requirements, safety advocates re-energize push for fire sprinkler laws

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Dec 13, 2017

A statewide, fire sprinkler requirement for all new homes in Pennsylvania was set to take place in 2011. Then, sprinkler opponents there helped kill the requirement. (Read this report documenting how homebuilder influence aided the elmination of this requirement.)  


Despite the statewide ban for sprinkler requirements, Pennsylvania safety advocates are ramping up their efforts again. According to a story appearing on an ABC station, the Pennsylvania state fire commissioner and others will once again underscore the necessity of this technology in all new homes in the hopes of enacting another sprinkler requirement. 


Interviewed by the ABC station, Fire Commissioner Tim Solobay, a member of the Pennsylvania Fire Sprinkler Coalition, says countering the opponents' claims on sprinklers--particularly, the notion that this technology will surge the price of new homes--will be a primary focus.


Interested in getting on board for this cause? Contact the Pennsylvania Fire Sprinkler Coalition.