Lives saved throughout North America following activation of residential fire sprinklers

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Feb 23, 2018

It's a wonder fire sprinklers in homes can be such a contentious point when they have the power to save lives, as you're about to read: 


South Carolina

For the second time in a matter of weeks, fire sprinklers here extinguished a residential fire before the fire department had arrived. In this incident in Port Royal, a kitchen fire activated two fire sprinklers, limiting damage to the stove and cabinets. The Burton Fire District's fire chief, Harry Rountree, stated in a news story that "we can dry your house out, but we can't unburn it."


We received a report from the Farmers Branch Fire Department about another kitchen fire. The resident was cooking breakfast in a skillet as her husband showered. When she left the kitchen, the skillet caught fire. Fire sprinklers immediately activated. Damage was estimated at only $1,050. According to the report received by NFPA, "lives were saved by a single sprinkler head activation."


View Royal, British Columbia

The residents involved in this fire can thank this city's fire sprinkler requirement for its home's sprinkler save. The residence was required to have fire sprinklers, which controlled a candle-and-incense fire. "If this hadn't been a sprinklered building, this would have been a significantly different event," View Royal Fire Chief Paul Hurst told the media. "Thankfully the sprinklers kicked in and controlled the fire. It's a good outcome today."



An electrical fire inside a Brattleboro home's basement prompted yet another sprinkler activation. According to a news story, "a sprinkler system above the furnace helped to contain the fire before the department could arrive." Nobody was injured, and fire officials believe the house will remain livable, stated the story. 


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