British Columbia hosts its first home fire sprinkler summit

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Mar 2, 2018

NFPA staff, members of the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition (HFSC), and organizers for British Columbia's first fire sprinkler summit showcase HFSC's new, hands-on home fire sprinkler prop.


Canada isn't taking its home fire problem lightly. Advocates there have been engaged in a growing, grassroots movement aimed at ending fire tragedies at home. In 2016, they hosted the country's first sprinkler summit that included members of the homebuilding industry and soon after established Canada's first fire sprinkler coalition in British Columbia. 


Adding to these successes was British Columbia's first sprinkler summit in February. The event was hosted by the Fire Chiefs' Association of British Columbia, which is a member of the British Columbia Fire Sprinkler Initiative (the province's coalition). Approximately 150 attendees--fire service members, building officers, politicians, insurers, and others--were educated on home fire sprinklers.


At the event, attendees learned about a new study that underscores Canada's home fire problem and the impact of fire sprinklers. For instance, one important finding from study was the death rate per 1000 reported residential fires was more than three times as high in fires with no sprinklers as in fires with sprinklers present. 


Organizers also distributed a new, hands-on tool by the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition that includes an actual fire sprinkler head and information on this technology. The prop is meant as a show-and-tell for the media and the public.  


See what the British Columbia Fire Sprinkler Coalition has been up to by visiting its webpage.