Building on national momentum for residential fire sprinklers, Hawaii passes incentives for installation

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Mar 9, 2018

First, there was the news earlier this year that the new U.S. tax law allows for the incentivizing of fire sprinkler installations. Then, small town Rock Island, Illinois, and big town Las Vegas passed requirements to sprinkler their new homes. Now, Hawaii is following suit.  


An article from the Pacific Business News reports that the Honolulu City Council has passed incentives for installing fire sprinklers in high-rises. The decision follows a fire last year at the Marco Polo apartment building, which was unsprinklered. Four people died from the incident. According to the article, a tax credit is given if sprinklers are either installed throughout a high-rise or throughout the building's common areas. Owners would also be exempt from building permit fees for fire sprinkler installations. 


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