New Zealand developer willingly places fire sprinklers in new homes

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Mar 14, 2018

It's always nice to read about home developers--either in North America or elsewhere--who grasp the necessity of fire sprinklers. A New Zealand developer, for instance, recently went on the record with his decision to place this technology into his new development's homes. He credits his dad, a former fire service member, for his decision. 


"I was taught from an early age what sprinkler systems were and how they helped people," Rob Davies told the Rotorua Daily Post, adding that he's able to install sprinklers for under $500 per home. "Fire deaths in homes are devastating and more so when we learn that much can be done to lower the death rate."


Davies isn't the only one pitching for sprinklers in New Zealand; mirroring exact arguments for sprinklers heard in North America are members of the Rotorua Fire Brigade. They also told the publication that "ugly sprinkler heads" are a thing of the past and they "definitely" recommend sprinklers for all new buildings. 


A tip of the hat to New Zealand sprinkler advocates publicly praising this technology. Please join them by using the resources found in NFPA's free fire sprinkler advocacy toolkit.