Tactics for taking action on Home Fire Sprinkler Day

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Apr 5, 2018

On Saturday, May 19, you and others will get the chance to take collective action to help solve North America's home fire problem. Participating in Home Fire Sprinkler Day will send a powerful message to your local decision makers, residents, and the media that fire sprinklers in new homes should be embraced. Here are some tactics for taking action on this important day. (And don't forget to add your event to our map!)


  • Join forces. If your state or province has a fire sprinkler coalition, check with them to see if you
    can support their efforts. Visit the sprinkler coalitions page on the Fire Sprinkler Initiative site.
  • Alert the media. If hosting an event, customize and distribute one of our templated news releases to
    local media a week before the event. Follow up (preferably by phone) a day before the event
    with reporters and newsrooms and check if they can cover the event.
  • Create some buzz. Generate awareness of your event via social media. Use our customizable social
    media posts and images before and during the event. 
  • Smile for the camera! Take photos during the event, and share them with NFPA and the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition so your efforts can be highlighted throughout North America. Send photos and a brief write-up of
    the event to


There's still plenty of time to either plan an event or lend your support to an event in the works. Either way, please take some form of action on Saturday, May 19. Visit the Home Fire Sprinkler Day page for more information.