Citing life safety, English city council votes to require fire sprinklers in certain homes

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on May 29, 2018

Going forward, all new homes built or commissioned by a specific English city council will include fire sprinklers. 


This decision followed a favorable vote in May by city councilors in Cornwall, a county in Southwest England. They also determined homes currently under development that the council is either building or commissioning would also require fire sprinkler protection. Supporting this requirement is the Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service. 


The life safety of fire sprinklers seemed to be at the heart of the council's decision. According to a news story on the new requirement, "councilors said that the cost [of installation] was not as important as [how] the move could save lives." 


According to news release on the requirement, Andrew Mitchell, Cornwall Council cabinet member for homes, stated the Cornwall fire service "has long advocated for the use of sprinklers, as the evidence shows that they can prevent fire from spreading--not only making sure routes are clear for occupants to escape to safety, but also limiting property damage. While it is not mandatory to install sprinklers in new homes, this is our opportunity to lead by example.


"I hope that through our example we can promote wider adoption of this developers more generally."


Educate yourself on the many benefits of fire sprinkler requirements; view research reports on this topic from NFPA and others.