Safety advocates take to TV to weigh benefits of home fire sprinkler bill

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Jun 6, 2018

A bill has been introduced in Albany County, New York, that would require the sprinklering of new, one- and two-family homes and townhomes there after January 1, 2019. The bill references Maryland as a crucial reason why the new law is necessary, stating, "Experience from the state of Maryland, which mandates home fire sprinklers, shows that there has not been a fatality from a home fire in a sprinklered home since they mandated their use."


As it has done in earlier this year, the New York State Association of Fire Chiefs advocated for fire sprinkler requirements on TV. Jerry DeLuca, the association's executive director, recently discussed fire sprinkler benefits with an ABC news station. Using a blown-up version of the home fire timeline produced by the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition (HFSC), DeLuca underscored fire's power. 


"Fire doubles in size every 30 seconds," DeLuca told the reporter. "So the expansion of that fire...can be astronomical," he says. 


According to the ABC story, the fire sprinkler proposal goes to committee next month.  


If being interviewed by a reporter, it helps to have visuals. Use the home fire timeline and HFSC's new fire sprinkler prop for support. Also, don't forget to stick to these important talking points.