Citing water concerns and fire department response times, town considers home fire sprinkler requirement

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Jun 15, 2018

Indian Hills, Colorado, is weighing a home fire sprinkler requirement, basing the consideration partly on water supply concerns and firefighter response times. 


A resolution to sprinklering its new homes was introduced by Randy Rudloff, fire marshal for the Inter-Canyon Fire/Rescue. He told the Canyon Courier that the majority of new construction is happening outside of the town's water district. Another source for the story stated Indian Hills' mountainous geography impacts its water supply. Home fire sprinklers aid the environment by reducing water usage to fight a home fire by upwards of 90 percent when compared to traditional firefighting tactics.


The news report also adds that Indian Hills has longer fire response times, something home fire sprinklers can address, since the technology reacts immediately to fire. According to NFPA's "U.S. Experience With Sprinklers" report, where sprinklers were present, flame damage was confined to the room of origin in 97 percent of fires. 


The town's fire board decided to table a May vote on the resolution to discuss it further.