Retired fire chief builds home using fire-safe features, both inside and out

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Jun 21, 2018

It's as if Tim Dawdy wanted to build a fire-safe fortress. Maybe his reason stems from witnessing the damaging effects of fire during his 30-year stint in the fire service. Maybe he's safeguarding his new home to have one less thing to worry about during his retirement years. 


Whatever the reason, what Dawdy has done to his new home is a lesson for us all. He's taken steps at his Ridgefield, Washington, home to reduce wildfire risks, including the creation of defensible space around his home. He's also incorporated native, fire-resistant plants on his property overlooking a wildlife refuge. (Learn more about preparing your home from wildfires.)


Dawdy, a retired division chief with Clark County Fire & Rescue, has also safeguarded his home's interior. The home is protected with fire sprinklers, a technology that Dawdy has personally witnessed keep fire damage to a minimum. (Read our new section highlighting common questions on fire sprinkler installation.) "It's a remarkably safe building because of all of these different features," Dawdy told The Reflector.


NFPA commends Dawdy for the efforts he's taken at his new home. We hope his retirement is a happy and fire-safe one. 


Photo: The Reflector