Fire sprinkler bill prompts TV ad aimed at fighting requirements for this safety technology

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Jul 17, 2018

New York TV stations are airing an ad downplaying the necessity of fire sprinkler requirements, but safety advocates are fighting back. 


A bill introduced in Albany County would require fire sprinklers in its new homes. According to a recent news story, if passed, Albany County would be New York's first county to require this technology. Contractors who don't install fire sprinklers in new homes could face a fine of $250 a day if this measure is passed. The bill is currently in committee, but will be debated during a public meeting in August. 


Opposing local requirements for this life-saving bill is the New York State Association of Realtors, which have funded a TV ad downplaying the necessity of fire sprinklers. "This should remain a consumer choice, not a mandate,” Susan Summers, president of the Greater Capital Association of Realtors, told a local news station. Advocates have long argued that fire sprinklers are a U.S. model building code requirement. When jurisdictions go through building code updates, not adopting the full version of the code and cherry-picking what to include and not include from the code is a dangerous act. If a new home is lacking fire sprinklers, it is not adhering to model building code requirements and should be considered substandard. 


As he's done many times this year already in front of TV cameras, Jerry DeLuca with the New York State Association of Fire Chiefs discussed the necessity of sprinklers during the news broadcast. (Check out NYSAFC's new sprinkler PSA.) He conduced a brief show-and-tell using an actual sprinkler. 


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