Fire sprinkler coalition initiates call to action, urges legislators to act on fire sprinkler bill

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Jul 23, 2018

The Massachusetts Legislature is debating if local communities can require national fire safety measures in new home construction, particularly, requirements for home fire sprinklers. Currently, these communities don't have that option. The bill, H2481, is intended to allow local communities to create their own fire sprinkler requirements, thereby protecting Massachusetts families and firefighters. 


The Massachusetts Fire Sprinkler Coalition is urging legislators to act on this bill, which is currently in committee. Their reason is clear; there were more than 57,000 fires in one- and two-family homes in the last decade. Moreover, these fires caused more than 200 deaths and close to $830 million in property damage. 


There is broad-based support for this measure; organizations supporting the bill include the Fire Chiefs Association of Massachusetts, the Fire Prevention Association of Massachusetts, and the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors. The coalition is urging Massachusetts residents and safety advocates to contact Representative Jeffrey Sánchez, chair of the House Ways and Means Committee, 617-722-2990, and ask him to support H2481. Please take this important step for a bill that would give communities the option to enact their own home fire sprinkler requirements.